OK Building Summit 2023 - $ 110 | September 27 - 28, 2023 | Register Now

Early-Bird is $89 per registration until August 1; Price changes to $110.

OK Building Summit hours from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Registration opens at 7:30 am.


Grand Casino Hotel & Resort
777 Grand Casino Blvd
Shawnee, OK 74804


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Using the inspection issues as a foundation, each track will focus on a building area, discussing code requirements for that discipline. We have also included a track focused on legal issues.
1. Structural Framing, Walls & Roofs
This track will focus on all aspects of framing walls and constructing roofs, and the codes that cover them. You’ll learn about wind-bracing requirements including the nailing requirements that are frequently applied incorrectly. The presentation will involve discussion of roof bracing, WRBs, flashing and wall coverings for veneers. Advanced framing will also be covered in the track.
2. Foundations, Soils and Concrete Finishing
Foundation problems are a real headache for Oklahoma builders. Soil characteristics vary from site to site, and testing is tricky but critical. This track will address the codes and standards covering foundations. First, the presentation will address soil characteristics and testing. You will learn about types of foundations and reinforcements for the different soils. An expert in the industry will share about the concrete-finishing techniques you should use, and the variables that can affect the performance and durability of a concrete foundation.
3. Energy Efficiency, HVAC & Insulation
Energy efficiency is a major concern for consumers, and builders all understand the importance of proper insulation and good design of HVAC systems. But inspectors still reject many homes because of problems in these areas. This track will focus on HERS certification and compliance. You will learn about system design and load calculations so your homes will be as energy-efficient as possible. We will discuss insulation types and installation requirements, and an air barrier/thermal bypass checklist will be included.
4. Legal: Torts and Warranty
What builder hasn’t faced legal issues related to his/her business? This track will help you understand the legal obligations of builders and trade contractors. Knowing this detailed information will help you avoid problems, and you’ll learn how to deal with any that do come up. The track will also review the new OSHBA state contract, which will be available online for use by members.